Traditional Ring – Your Choice By Poonam Chopra

Traditional Ring


• Latest stylish party wear rings – By Your choice by poonam chopra these stylish rings suitable for all occasions office wear, wedding and party wear. the color complements all outfits & may be worn as a traditional/statement piece to any occasion. the designer Imitation High fashion jewellery at Your choice by poonam chopra is available in various designs and patterns like floral design, heart shape design, dancing peacock, crystal design and many more. Your choice by poonam chopra by poonam chopra has huge collection of designer imitation jewellery like cubic zerconia /Signate jewellery collection,Micron gold plated jewellery collection, temple jewellery collection
• Best for Gifting and for personal Use, combine it with matching dress and be the limelight of every Occassion
• Plated with Mircon Plating for Long Lasting Finish
• Suitable for all occassions
• Nickel free and Lead free as per International Standards that makes it very skin friendly. The plating is non-allergic and safe for all environments
• Jewelery Care : Never allow your fashion jewellery to come in contact with harsh chemicals, oils, nor spray perfumes directly on them. This will cause the jewellery to fade, discolour, or even ruin them completely. And we wouldn’t want that!
• Jewellery is plated with Micron gold plated , studded with precious / semi- precious and natural gemstones we offer a FREE life time maintenance , including repairs

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