Tiger Eye – Your Choice By Poonam Chopra

Tiger Eye


Tigers Eye wire gemstone bonsai tree of life with real semi precious gold tigers eye gemstones wrapped with brass wire in this handcrafted tree. The tree is planted in a real wood pot which has been hand stained. It is planted in white stones with tigers eye gemstones sprinkled on top. Tigers eye is the stone of protection. It assists in accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources and promoting clarity of intention. Tigers eye balances yin-yang and energizes the emotional body.We work as a team to design and create this one of a kind piece. Each individual branch and leaf is crafted by hand! These trees are delicate in nature and are carefully wrapped for shipping. The wire branches can be shaped into a well balanced tree shape if they become slightly bent.Tiger’s eye can also help balance and clear emotions, thus contributing to a calm mind and peaceful disposition.

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